Steps for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

1 – Find a Property

Valued Over $250K

with Elmaslar

  • Once you have decided on a property that you are happy with, you will be required to place a deposit of no less than 10% of the property value;
  • You will then have 30 days during which you can come up with the remainder of the purchase price;
  • Once final payment is made your Title Deed for the property will be ready within 2 to 4 weeks;
  • Acquire mandatory Earthquake Insurance.

2 – Submit Your Application

for Citizenship with your

Proof of Property Purchase

  • You will need to prepare the following documents:
    • Your Title Deed,
    • Property Valuation,
    • 2 x Official Bank Payments Receipts (one reflecting an outgoing transaction from your bank and one reflecting an incoming transaction to the seller’s bank)
    • Officially translated certified & notarized passports of you and all the family members joining you.
  • The Turkish Property Department (AKA Tabu) will issue you with an eligibility certificate within 7-10 business days.

3 – Apply for & Obtain a

Residence Permit

  • You will need to submit the following documents:
    • Residence Permit application form, ALONG WITH –
    • Eligibility Certificate,
    • Original Passports & Certified Copies,
    • Biometric photos of the applicant and each family member,
    • Valid Health Insurance.
  • Your residence permit will be issued within 5 to 7 business days.

4 – Apply For Citizenship via

the Civil Registrar

  • You will need to submit the following documents:
    • Approved current residence permit,
    • Citizenship application form,
    • In the case of divorce or separation whereby your spouse is not listed on the citizenship application, he/she must provide written consent to grant Turkish citizenship to any children under the gage of 18,
    • Civil status document highlighting whether or not you are married, single, divorced or widowed.
    • Birth Certificates of all family members,
    • 10 biometric photos for each family member,
    • Family statement Document to declare the relationship between spouses and children.

5 – Await Your Citizenship


  • The citizenship adjudication process takes approximately 3 to 4 months after the date of submission;
  • A national security study of your application will be undertaken;
  • At no point are personal funds checks or background checks conducted.

6 – Acquire Turkish IDs &


  • You will receive a notification of your citizenship application status;
  • This will usually be followed by a notice to submit applications for your Turkish National Identity Documents and Passports;
  • All family members who were on the application document will be required to travel to Turkey in order to complete a fingerprint scan;
  • Always check with the Turkish consulate in your own country before embarking on the journey as they may be able to assist with fingerprint scans.

You are now officially a

Turkish Citizen

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