Visa Free Countries with Turkish Passport

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Countries that can be accessed with Turkish passport

Countries that can be accessed with the Turkish passport minus having to worry about a visa include: Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Thailand, Dominica, Palestine, Libya, Morocco, Uruguay, Ukraine, Montenegro, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Albania, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia, Brazil, Botswana, Argentina, Syria,, South Africa, Singapore, Dominica, Georgia, Ecuador El Salvador, Bolivia, Belarus, Chile, Mongolia, Venezuela, Philippines, Peru, Moldova, Russia, Mauritius, Kyrgyzstan, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Colombia, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Panama, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Malaysia, North Korea, and Albania.

Countries that offer visas upon arrival include Madagascar, Armenia, Maldives, Kuwait, Guinea, Mauritania, Bahrain, Djibouti, Uganda, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Togo, East Timor, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Mozambique, Nepal, Comoros, Sudan,  and Indonesia.

Countries that can grant visas online (via the internet) include Senegal, Myanmar, Mexico, Australia, and Rwanda, Sri Lanka.

For the foreigners applying for Turkish citizenship, it is possible to request for the Turkish passport at the time of application. This helps do away with the need for a residency period before getting the document.

In short, with its ranking and benefits, holding a Turkish passport comes with exciting perks!

Types of Turkish passports

Turkey has four categories of passports to cater to different holders as indicated below:

  • The Special passport which is green in color is reserved for the government personnel, state athletes, businessmen who have exceeded certain export rates, and Metropolitan provincial and district presidents (during their tenure)
  • The ordinary passport which is maroon in color is for the Turkish citizens and foreigners who applied for Turkish citizenship.
  • The service-oriented passports are grey in color and are reserved for journalists, public servants, and other servicemen.
  • The diplomatic passports are black in color and resereved for diplomats and embassy heads plus their family while on official duty abroad.

Benefits of the Turkish passport

  • The processing and delivery process is relatively short. On average it takes only 30 days to get your document.
  • The Turkish passport enjoys a visa-free entry to over 100 countries. It also has access to all 26 Schengen zone countries.
  • It is ranked among the top passports in the world
  • It allows for dual citizenship
  • It is possible to apply for the E-2 investor visa to enter the USA
  • Includes full medical assistance
  • Access to pension programs
  • Free education and university reimbursement plans
  • A right to participate in all elections
  • No residential timeframe to worry about
  • It is long-term, with a renewal after 10 years.

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